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Whether you’re planning your dream wedding or organizing a corporate event, Happy Life Entertainment is here to bring your vision to life. We’re not your typical entertainment option; we set the bar high and align our pricing with the quality of service we deliver.

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Wedding Services

Make your wedding day truly unforgettable with our exceptional DJ services. We don’t just play music; we craft the perfect soundtrack for your special day and we never leave anything to chance. As soon as you book you gain access to your personal planning page where all details related to your event will live. Our professional DJs read the crowd, and utilize your planning page ensuring the dance floor stays lively and the atmosphere remains magical.

Corporate Events

We understand the significance of your company’s event. Your personal planning page does not leave anything to chance. We know what needs to happen at your event each step of the way. Everything you need is included from our high end speakers to wireless microphone. Our dedicated DJs manage the music and audio seamlessly, creating a fantastic experience from the first cocktail to the final dance. We’re here to make your event unforgettable, one song at a time.

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Special Events

Celebrate those unique moments in life with our professional DJ services. Birthdays, anniversaries, and special occasions deserve more than just music – they deserve magic. We provide up to three speakers and vibrant dance floor lighting, adding a touch of enchantment to your celebration.

Photo Booths

Capture and share precious memories with our wide range of digital photo booths. From the classic photo booth experience all the way up to the 360 video booth. Your guests will instantly receive photos on their phones or emails, creating unforgettable keepsakes. Our customizable templates and digital props bring laughter and joy to every snapshot. Enjoy up to 8 hours of service, ensuring your event is filled with smiles and laughter.

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At Happy Life Entertainment, we don’t just provide music; we craft experiences. We work with top-rated industry DJs who read the room and curate playlists that cater to all ages and demographics. Our commitment to excellence and professionalism sets us apart. We offer peace of mind in planning your event and translating your dreams into reality.

Your wedding is undoubtedly one of the most detailed and ambitious events you will ever plan.
We are here to help.

Happy Life Entertainment was founded in 2014 by two of Edmonton’s Top DJs and since then has defined itself as one of the province’s elite peace of mind DJ services. We work with top-rated industry DJs that will expertly read your room and curate a playlist that appeals to all ages and caters to every request. We have crafted our very own online, password-protected, personalized planning page to help you plan your event with ease and translate your dreams into reality.

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What types of services does Happy Life Entertainment offer?
Happy Life Entertainment offers a diverse range of services designed to make your special occasions extraordinary. Our offerings include professional DJ services, state-of-the-art digital photo booths, 360 photo booths, video messaging, and more. Whether you're planning a wedding, corporate event, birthday celebration, or any other special occasion, we have the expertise and services to elevate your event and create unforgettable memories.
Can I book your services in both Edmonton and Calgary?
Yes, we are proud to offer our exceptional services in both Edmonton and Calgary. Our team is dedicated to providing top-quality entertainment, and we are excited to bring our expertise to these vibrant cities. Whether you're in Edmonton or Calgary, you can trust us to make your event extraordinary.
How can I request a quote or book your services for my event?
Booking our services is a straightforward process. To request a quote or secure our services for your event, please head over to our Contact Us page on our website and fill out the contact form. We'll promptly get in touch with you to discuss the details of your event and provide you with a personalized quote. Planning your event with Happy Life Entertainment is hassle-free and designed to meet your specific needs.
What types of events do you cater to in Edmonton and Calgary?
Happy Life Entertainment is dedicated to enhancing a wide range of events in both Edmonton and Calgary. Our expertise covers weddings, corporate functions, birthdays, anniversaries, milestone celebrations, club and pub entertainment, restaurant atmospheres, and more. We understand the importance of creating memorable experiences at every event, making us the ideal choice for any occasion.
Can you provide DJ services for restaurants in Edmonton and Calgary?
Absolutely! Our DJ services are an excellent choice for restaurants in both Edmonton and Calgary. We specialize in creating the perfect atmosphere that complements your cuisine and enhances the dining experience for your patrons. Whether you're running an upscale restaurant or a cozy cafe, our music services will add an extra layer of ambiance to your establishment.
How can Happy Life Entertainment elevate corporate functions in Edmonton and Calgary?
At Happy Life Entertainment, we understand the significance of corporate functions and the need for professional entertainment. Our comprehensive DJ services cater to the specific requirements of your corporate event, including music and audio. We ensure that your colleagues and clients are treated to a fantastic experience, and our services are available in both Edmonton and Calgary.
What makes Happy Life Entertainment unique as a DJ and entertainment service?
What sets Happy Life Entertainment apart is our unwavering commitment to excellence and dedication to crafting unforgettable events. Our professional DJs are among the industry's top-rated talents. They skillfully read the room, curate playlists that cater to all ages and demographics, and ensure that every request is met. Our state-of-the-art digital photo booths and entertainment services contribute to creating extraordinary experiences. When you choose us, you're selecting a team that offers peace of mind in planning your event and turning your dreams into reality.
Can you provide DJ and photo booth services for weddings in Edmonton and Calgary?
Absolutely, we specialize in offering both DJ and digital photo booth services for weddings in both Edmonton and Calgary. Your wedding day is undoubtedly one of the most detailed and ambitious events you'll ever plan, and we are here to make it unforgettable. Whether you need a professional DJ to manage the music and audio seamlessly or wish to capture precious memories with our digital photo booth, we've got you covered. Your dream wedding begins with Happy Life Entertainment.
How can Happy Life Entertainment elevate birthdays, anniversaries, and milestones in Edmonton and Calgary?
We understand that birthdays, anniversaries, and significant milestones deserve more than just music – they deserve magic. Happy Life Entertainment provides all-inclusive DJ services designed to make these unique moments in life unforgettable. Our offerings include up to three speakers and vibrant dance floor lighting to add an enchanting touch to your celebration. Whether it's a birthday celebration, an anniversary, a graduation, or any other milestone, we'll help you mark the moment in style in both Edmonton and Calgary.
Do you offer DJ residencies in clubs and pubs?
Yes, we are proud to have DJ residencies at some of the most exciting clubs and pubs in Edmonton and Calgary. Our expert DJs know how to get the party started and keep the energy high. By choosing Happy Life Entertainment as your entertainment partner, you can transform your venue into the ultimate party destination. Your patrons will have a fantastic time, night after night, making your establishment the go-to place for vibrant entertainment.


Ready to make your event extraordinary? Contact us today to discuss your wedding, corporate event, or any special occasion. We’re here to ensure your day is perfect from start to finish.

Your dream event begins with Happy Life Entertainment.